Women’s March

EventSeattle Women's March

Woman's March

An emotionally charged day of activities.  It began in Capitol Hill and made it’s way west through the downtown area of Seattle.  An amalgam of issues were being addressed by groups.  It was a very interesting day and as I proceeded, my goal was to capture different aspects and the varied interest groups that were marching.  

In the end, the lady that seemed to encapsulate was a homeless woman.  I met her on a bench at the end of the march and several marchers seemed to lack the awareness of her presence.  She was soft spoken and her eyes so alert of her surroundings.  I asked her permission to photograph her and she gracefully agreed.  

We talked momentarily and I asked if she had participated in the march.  She responded no, she had been sick and was worried about her belongings.  There was an ironic poetry for all the focus on women’s rights and the disadvantaged, there sat this invisible woman to the crowd.  Hungry, sick, and wanting.. and no one seemed to want to hear her story.  

At the end of this conversation, the Seattle police approached and began to question her and you could tell she was agitated and I could hear her voice rise.. asking to be left alone..  

It’s interesting how small and essential things get over-looked, when we are so focused on “our cause”.