About Us

Michael Andrew Steagall

Principal & Founder

I specialize in environmental (on-site) photography, which I love.  It allows me to adapt and reflect the subject matter, which in most cases is dynamic and active.  I enjoy that consideration of motion in the work.  It speaks to an authenticity and relevance of the subject matter.  This has also influenced how I approach my portraiture work, in the studio.  If you are looking for a creative approach, I invite you to contact me.  Thanks for your time.

Michael Andrew Steagall – MAS


Being in front of the camera is not easy and yet Andrew made the process fun and light. At the beginning of the shoot, I was uncomfortable, he sensed this and found a topic we had in common. He has a warmth and ability to relate, which put me at ease and resulted in beautiful photographs… I highly recommend Andrew.

Jill MatternModel - PSA: Just Be Nice

Visual Voyage & History

Founded in Washington: 8/1/2012

A Seattle-based company founded in 2012.  We are legally registered as MAS Digital Media, LLC and have a license DBA (Doing Business As) for Visual Voyage with the State of Washington.  

While MAS was more focused on building sites, Visual Voyage is a better description for our present-day purpose.  We began focusing on providing photographic services in 2015.

Verifiable Credentials

  1. Washington State UBI: 603-228-276
  2. Federal EIN: 46-0772520
  3. Better Business Burea Rate:  A+  

Andrew is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever worked with and extremely upfront. The MAS team provides great insight and it’s really made a difference for The Borgen Project.

Clint BorgenBorgen Project

Origins & Intentions

Background Summary

For me the journey began in a photography class, as a hobbyist.  I excelled in the class and really enjoyed the creative aspect of photography.  I had the benefit of working with film and in the darkroom, before moving back into a fully digital discipline.  I was told that I had great potential as a commercial photographer.  It was 2015 when I fully realized that potential.

After years of building sites for clients, I decided to incorporate photography as one of my services.  One of my pet peeves was waiting for the content creators (ie: photographers) to deliver compositions for the site builds.  To add to the frustration, I would have to work with compositions that did not take the web presence and layout into consideration.  With the addition of photography, it allowed me to have an end-to-end control over the visual direction.  This is critical when we are talking about your Brand and You. 

We’d love to be one aspect of the light for your business and a way through the darkness.