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Photography Services

Photography Services

On-Location and In-Studio

Some of you may know us MAS Digital Media.  We felt Visual Voyage is a much better description of what we do.

We are a Seattle-based  photography services company.  We specialize in working with businesses to produce images that enhance your brand and market presence.

We work closely with our clients in order to understand how they want to be seen and perceived by their audience.  This helps define the visual approach for both their professional and personal brand through online and print medium.  

Whether on-location or in-studio, we work to create unique signature images for your business. Same great team, just a re-envisioned purpose. 

No family portraiture or weddings.  

First Step


You have a service or product that you need to bring into the world.
Second Step


Success requires an effective connection with your audience.   
Third Step


The most immediate & impactful communication are images.  

You need creative visual solutions, we can help.

… strategy to execution, MAS is practical. They bring experience and leadership to our projects, yet they are amazingly creative. They can quickly generate fresh marketing perspectives, and they are excellent…

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If you have any questions, please contact us. We are available by phone or email.  Our services are by appointment only and typically will require a retainer for services.  


    “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

    Henry David Thoreau
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